Our SST (size-specific tubing) engineering protocol employs smaller-diameter frame sections for smaller frames and larger ones for bigger frames. The result is a bike that has consistent performance characteristics across the size range, offering a ride that is virtually custom tuned for each and every rider.

When it comes to fitness training and peak performance, nothing is more detrimental to flying fast than carrying more weight than you need to. Which is why every Allegro is built with lightweight triple butted 6061 aluminum tubing. In fact, our aluminum Allegro frames shed 14 ounces over their steel Coda counterparts. We design comfort into the naturally stiffer ride by specifying large volume 32c tires, using similar geometry as our Codas and then adding a few millimeters to the wheelbase length for just a tad more compliance.

FSA’s compact crankset concept is revolutionary: a 34T inner chainring offers a 15% lower gear ratio than traditional 39T double ring’ed road cranks, but the 50T outer loses only 6% off the top end compared to a 53T traditional outer. You get the hill climbing capability of a triple, yet less weight than a standard double.

Every Allegro offers a full complement of eyelets and rack mounts to simplify installation of carriers and fenders. We even include bosses on the underside of the seatstays for installation of a ring lock. Ring locks are tremendously popular in Europe and will soon most assuredly be popular in the USA. A simple turn of the key immobilizes the rear wheel and prevents someone from riding off with your bike.

Proper fit on your bike is critical for maximum performance and comfort. That’s why we offer the patented ATS adjustable threadless steering system on the Allegro Elite and Comp models. Whether you want to fine tune your ride and establish the perfect fit, or change it regularly to suit different terrain, with this stem, adjusting your handlebar height is as easy as adjusting your seat post height. You can even adjust it quickly while out on a ride.


ALLEGRO( アレグロ)には、スポーツバイクの楽しさが凝縮されている。ロードバイク同様のギアを使い、走りやすい上体の 立ったポジションとフラットハンドルによる直感的な操作性。これらが軽量で俊敏なアルミ製フレームにまとめられ、街中で の通勤から郊外でのライドまで、小気味よく走るバイクとなった。その性能は、モデル名が最もよく表している。ALLEGRO、 すなわち音楽用語での「快活な、速いテンポ」である。