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  • What size bike do I need?

    Sizing is a complicated issue and not something we can recommend from your height or inseam.  People’s torsos as well as leg and arm lengths can greatly vary how you fit on a bicycle. Your JAMIS dealer is experienced in fitting people with varying body types for bikes with different styles and can assist in finding the proper size bike to help you enjoy your ride. If you are making a considerable investment in your new JAMIS bike, you might consider scheduling a fit session with a shop experienced in custom fitting.


  • What are the benefits of JAMIS’ Femme women-specific bikes?

    All our Femme models feature frame and fork geometry adjusted to women’s bodies to ensure the best possible fit and best possible riding posture. This means frame angles, front centers and fork rakes have all been refined. Then we specify broader-based, shorter-nosed saddles, shorter stems, narrower handlebars, and shorter cranks to fully optimize fit and ride experience.

  • Is there a weight limit to a JAMIS bicycle frame?

    Weight limits for our bikes are listed in the owner’s manual.


  • I crashed and damaged my JAMIS frame. Does JAMIS have a crash replacement policy?

    Jamis offers a 25% off MSRP for our crash replacement policy. Please check in with your local JAMIS Retailer for more details.

  • Where can I get a replacement derailleur hanger for my JAMIS bike?

    Jamis Derailleur hangers are available at any authorized Jamis Dealer.  A quick search on our website for the Jamis dealer closest to you will provide you with the dealer that is the most convenient to you.  If you have a favorite shop that is NOT a Jamis dealer, they too can order Derailleur Hangers for you through our sales department.

  • I need a replacement derailleur hanger for my JAMIS bike but there isn’t a distributor in my home country.

    Where can I get one?

    In countries where JAMIS does not have a distributor you can find derailleur hangers at

  • If my bike is missing a quick release or other small part, can you send me one?

    Please contact your Jamis Dealer for any parts that are missing.  Your dealer will be able to identify clearly what is missing and what needs to be ordered.  To assure that you get the “right” replacement, as well as trouble shoot correctly all “missing” items visiting your Jamis Dealer is the best solution.

  • I want to upgrade my rear shock from one company brand to another. I need the correct mounting hardware for the new shock. Is the correct hardware size available through JAMIS or can you supply the correct dimensions so I can contact the manufacturer of the shock?

    Our help desk can assist.  Simply provide us with the model year and the model name of your JAMIS bicycle and we will provide you with the correct dimensions of the shock hardware. Mounting hardware can be supplied only from the manufacturer of the shock that you have selected.

  • How do I get information on what rear shock hardware I need to replace it on my JAMIS bike?

    In order to determine the exact model and model year of your bike please see a local JAMIS dealer: Jamis Dealer Search. The Jamis dealer will be able to order and install the correct replacement kit for you.

  • What size shock and what stroke does the rear shock of my full-suspension model have?

    In order to determine the exact model and model year of your bike please see a local JAMIS dealer: Jamis Dealer Search. They will be able to determine the correct measurements.

  • Is there a bushing and pivot replacement kit available for a JAMIS full-suspension bike?

    Pivot and bushing replacement kits are available. Your JAMIS dealer can order the necessary kit for your bike. If you are not sure what exact model or model year your bike is, please take your bike to a JAMIS dealer so they can determine your needs.

  • Where can I get pivot replacement kits for my dual suspension bike?

    Depending on the model year, you can get pivot replacement kits at your JAMIS dealer.

  • Is it possible to substitute OEM parts that come with a JAMIS bicycle to different ones when purchasing a model?

    Jamis bicycles are carefully built to assure that each component that is on your bike is selected and designed to create the optimum riding experience for that specific riding platform.  If you want to substitute parts that come as original equipment on your bicycle we suggest that you only do so with your authorized Jamis Dealer.  Your authorized JAMIS Dealer will have a professional mechanic on staff that will guide you appropriately in making the selection.


  • Where can I buy a JAMIS bike?

    You can only purchase a JAMIS bike from authorized dealers. To find an Authorized Jamis Dealer please visit the dealer search on our website.

  • Can I buy a JAMIS bike directly from your company?

    Due to safety concerns and liability, JAMIS bicycles can only be purchased from an authorized JAMIS dealer.

  • I live in another country than the U.S. and want to purchase a JAMIS bike. What do I do?

    JAMIS Bicycles currently has international distribution in 52 different countries around the world. We suggest that you check our distribution first, of which information is accessible online. If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us and we will attempt to locate the distributor closest to you and ship a bicycle to you.

  • There are no JAMIS dealers anywhere close to where I live. What can I do to purchase a JAMIS model?

    tool on our website, send us the location of where you are via our Contact Us page. We will then contact your area’s outside rep and see if there is a dealer we can contact closer to you.

  • The JAMIS model I am looking for isn’t available in my home country anymore. I was told it couldn’t be re-ordered. What can I do?

    Your best option is to contact the distributor in your home country and see if they can locate the model for you. Another option would be to see if you can find the bike in another country.  Shipping costs would be additional.  If either of these options do not work, please contact us.

  • I like riding trails and want to buy a new bicycle. What can you recommend?

    While we always like to provide consumers with recommendations on specific JAMIS models that are best suited for them, the best way to get a real assessment of the right bicycle for you is to visit your JAMIS dealer.   Let them know about your riding style, the type of riding you will be doing, where you plan to ride, and a basic budget that you have to work with.  A JAMIS Dealer will be able to provide you with several models that will be appropriate for you.


    Check our Event Calendar as well for Demo’s in your area. JAMIS conducts several demos throughout the year and a great way to experience first hand a JAMIS ride is to test ride one for yourself.

  • I was trying to order a JAMIS Taxi through my dealer but they say you can’t deliver the size I am looking for.

    What is the reason for that?

    The Taxi model is a special make up for rental accounts and is designed for heavy use situations. It is generally a special order bike for resorts and businesses. Businesses order them in larger quantities and the bikes are shipped direct to them. This is the reason we generally don't inventory this model.  We suggest that you take a look at our Boss Cruiser Models – These bicycles come in a variety of sizes and models and are simple, no nonsense, easy to maintain and comfortable to ride bikes.  Jamis has been producing Boss Cruisers since 1979

  • I am very interested in a JAMIS model but my local dealer doesn’t have one in stock. As I would like to confirm that the fit is good, I am reluctant to order the bike without seeing it in person. Is there a way to locate a JAMIS bike that is sitting on a showroom floor at a dealer close to me?

    Let us know what model you are searching for and we will have one of our sales associates contact you and recommend a store that will have this model in stock.


  • What is the length of the warranty coverage on a JAMIS bicycle frame and JAMIS fork?

    With the exception of the bicycles that listed below, warranty coverage on the bicycle frame and fork extends for the life of the bicycle provided that the bicycle is owned by the original retail purchaser.

    a) Full suspension bicycles with rear suspension travel of 5" or less: 5 years

    b) Full suspension bicycles with rear suspension travel of more than 5": 2 years

    c) Komodo and Kromo bicycles: 5 years


    For more details please visit the warranty section. Jamis Warranty Guidelines

  • I have a problem with my JAMIS bike that I think falls under the warranty. What steps should I take?

    If you have a problem with your JAMIS Bicycle please return it to the dealer from which you have purchased your bicycle.  The authorized JAMIS dealer will conduct an initial warranty evaluation and contact JAMIS Bicycles.  If there is no JAMIS authorized Dealer we would recommend taking the bicycle to your closest bicycle retailer and they will be able to evaluate the bicycle for you and will contact our warranty department for review.

  • I have a problem with my JAMIS bike that I think falls under the warranty, and I do not live in the United States.

    What steps should I take?

    Please contact your regional distributor, a complete list of our international distributors can be found HERE

  • Where do I find my bike’s serial number?

    The serial number of your bicycle can be found on the underside (bottom bracket) of your bike.

  • My bike shows two numbers on the bottom bracket. Which one is the correct serial number?

    Sometimes there are two numbers on the bottom bracket shell. The correct serial number is close to a ten-digit code consisting of letters and numbers.

  • Where can I register my warranty?

    You can register your bike on the website under the "register your bike" link: Register Here

  • Is my derailleur hanger covered under warranty if it breaks?

    Derailleur hanger breakage is not covered under warranty.  To purchase a new derailleur hanger please contact your nearest JAMIS Dealer.  Generally any professional bicycle store can get you a replacement derailleur hanger.  They are available for a nominal cost.


  • Do you have original decals for older JAMIS models?

    Since 1979 when Jamis first rolled out it’s first bicycles we’ve built over 2 million bicycles.  With that vast number of models and colors through the years it’s virtually impossible to replicate each and every decal.   Jamis does have various JAMIS downtube and headtube badges in a variety of colors in stock that we offer for sale.  If you can let us know your frame color or preferred decal color and send along $9.95 along with your return address, we will happily send you a set.


    Please send the request to JAMIS Bicycles/Decals, 151 Ludlow Ave., Northvale, NJ 07647

  • Do you have touch-up paint available for JAMIS frames?

    JAMIS does not stock touch up paint for our bicycles.  We recommend that you visit your local Hobby Shop, or check on line for Hobby Shop Paints.  There are hundreds of varieties of colors to choose from and a paint that will match your frame is easily found.

  • Where can I purchase JAMIS clothing?

    Jamis Apparel is currently available through our Facebook Storefront.

  • Do you have some JAMIS stickers you can send me?

    JAMIS Bicycles has thousands of requests for stickers annually. What we recommend to individuals that are seeking stickers is to check our websites for events that we sponsor. At most of these events we distribute stickers to those in attendance, and you can always go to our demo sites and ask for the sticker giveaways. Check our Facebook Storefront.

  • Do you have some free giveaways?

    We do have free giveaways during demo events and festivals, such as stickers and other goodies.  Check out our Event Calendar for the most up to date info.

  • Where can I get a complete catalog that illustrates all the JAMIS models?

    JAMIS provides a PDF of our full 2015 Jamis catalog in our catalog archive or you can view our entire line on our website. You can also visit your local JAMIS Dealer and they will provide you with a 2015 Catalog.

  • Where can I get JAMIS catalogs for past model years?

    Prior model year catalogs for JAMIS starting from 2004 can be downloaded from our catalog archive: Jamis Catalog Archive

  • Is there a specific owner’s manual for every JAMIS model?

    Jamis has one owner’s manual that applies for all JAMIS Models. More details and specifics on the models that you carry are often times find our in website.  Frame geometries, specifications, weights as well as ride characteristics are detailed on our website for each of the individual models that Jamis offers.  We also encourage you to review the videos that are posted that address in more detail several of our performance platforms.

  • Does JAMIS offer a repair manual?

    We encourage owners of JAMIS Bicycles to seek professional guidance from an authorized retailer with a professional repair department.  There are several books out on the market; we recommend one that is written by Lennard Zinn this is highly rated.  Keep in mind that to stay within the warranty of your JAMIS Bicycle that an authorized professional bicycle retailer is the only individual that is recognized to perform work on your bicycle.

  • How can I find out the weight of a JAMIS bicycle or frame?

    Weights of our complete bikes and selected frame kits are found in our catalog. A complete may be downloaded here: Jamis Catalog Archive

  • Where can I find the specs and geometry for an older JAMIS model?

    Catalogs from the model year 2004 onwards can be found in our catalog archive: Jamis Catalog Archive Specifications as well as geometries of each of our frame sizes can be found in the catalog download.

  • Where are JAMIS frames made?

    Jamis frames are designed in the USA, and crafted with selected fabricators in Asia. Jamis has long-time relationships with smaller builders that are specific to various materials that we utilize. We have different frame builders specializing in Carbon, Aluminum and Steel assuring our designs are produced to the exacting demands of our designers and engineers Each frame is uniquely crafted and hand-made.

  • I am building up my JAMIS bike. Is there an assembly instruction available?

    Assembly instructions are not available as all JAMIS Bicycles are to be built by a professional bicycle mechanic.  It is important that a professional bicycle mechanic go through your bicycle to assure that it’s assembled properly, all adjustments are made correctly and that it is delivered to the end user in a safe riding condition. A bicycle built by a professional bicycle mechanic validates your warranty. Any work that is done by a non-professional bicycle mechanic voids the warranty registration.

  • How do I apply for sponsorship?

    Sponsorship applications require a written proposal outlining the specifics of your organization, non-profit certifications if they apply and the marketing leverage that you feel is applicable for JAMIS Bicycles.  All proposals are to be received at least 6 months prior to the event.  Proposals are to be sent to the attention of Road or MTB sponsorship coordinator/JAMIS Bicycles, 151 Ludlow Ave., Northvale, NJ 07647.

  • Are there any sponsorship for non-profit long distance rides?

    We receive thousands of requests per year for special interest groups using cycling as their podium for awareness.  Jamis is very aware of the community around us and work with various foundations, non-profit groups as well as our local communities. If you have an event that you would like us to consider, please submit no later than six months before your event.  Given the number of requests that we receive on an annual basis these budgets fill up quickly, so we ask you to please submit as soon as possible, and we apologize in advance for not being able to fulfill all requests. Submit to:

  • Does JAMIS offer any employment opportunities?

    JAMIS Bicycles is continually on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic and creative individuals to join our growing "team". Positions in all departments open from time to time as we continue to expand and grow.  Jamis is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals that are dedicated to designing, building and marketing JAMIS.


    If you think you'd like to be part of a winning team in the exciting and evolving bicycle industry, please email your resume with a brief cover letter explaining your experience and expertise and how you can contribute to expanding JAMIS Bicycle's winning course.


    Email your resume, salary requirements and cover letter to:

  • Does JAMIS offer internship jobs?

    JAMIS does offer limited number of internship positions and we recommend that you furnish us your resume to for review. These positions are limited and fill up quickly so we encourage you to write in early.


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